before I began my multi-million greenback, real estate making an investment syndication enterprise a half of decade in the past, i used to be a part of company the usa. In reality, i used to be the range #2 income character for research in motion. I advanced and oversaw strategic alliances with some of the pinnacle consulting corporations inside the international consisting of Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte Consulting and EDS.Now, i am very thankful to RIM for giving me the exceptional possibility to paintings below two of the world’s most distinguished self-made technology billionaire CEOs. however, I grew uninterested in sporting the “match.” I failed to want to hold spending 60 to 80 hours per week running. I desired the potential to begin a commercial enterprise that might meet the following 19 criteria.19 reasons to start a actual property investing Syndication commercial enterprise Now1. Spend only a few hours an afternoon or week at work. With just 10 hours of attempt into his first deal, my consumer, Robert Beagle closed his first actual property syndication deal and remodeled $61,000 in earnings as a syndicator!2. Be your personal boss. this indicates you’re running to make your self wealthy – no longer someone else.three. awaken when you need to. take into account, you are your personal boss. no person can tell you (besides perhaps your spouse) which you cannot sleep until noon.4. no longer ought to travel every week. i’ve transacted more than $14 million greenbacks in offers across 5 markets in North the usa with none airport hassles.five. The ability to run almost the entirety from a laptop and phone. inside five weeks, my client Michelle Agar syndicated her first institution of 5 investment houses in Edmonton, Alberta, earning her $269,000 in earnings!6. Earn an exponential earnings. when you syndicate your investing enterprise, you generate a more FREQUENCY of earnings. Why? because, syndicating your actual property investing business will allow you to systematize your business so deal making will become a routine cycle. this indicates you may have a repeatable business version that grows geometrically.7. dress how you need. due to the fact actual property investing syndication allows you to paintings from your home office, you can work on your pajamas in case you desired to!eight. live a honestly tax-deductible life. Having a actual estate investment commercial enterprise will come up with the best non-public, commercial enterprise and actual property tax blessings.9. Do what you need, whenever you want. again, you’re the boss!10. in no way be held down to a time schedule. you could work as hard as you need for as long or as low as you want.eleven. No want to jot down up an intensive marketing strategy. way to real property investing syndication, Tom Cooke and Claudette Diaz now have $330,000 in non-public money at their disposal. They generated $19,026 in income from the first deal they completed within their first 27 days of turning into syndicators. they have built a consumer’s listing of over 500 investors, and installation a syndication business in any other city they have got never visited earlier than!12. Have an abundance of customers wherever your business goes. for example, in case you joined my real estate investing syndication community, you’ll connect to a pre-current community of greater buyers in 7 nations on 5 continents who need to assist investors such as you joint project on investing offers on an ongoing foundation.thirteen. Your enterprise might not be tied to economic cycles. Many real property traders at the moment are announcing that the actual property making an investment market is lifeless. Why? due to the fact they can not find deals. They are not attracting customers. They cannot get their hands on sufficient available coins to fund offers. Banks are not loaning cash to them. however, in case you exchange your commercial enterprise model to one among real property syndication, then you will get direct get admission to to all the coins you may want. you may appeal to consumers and near extra deals – irrespective of the economy.14. Produce greater WEALTH in a short time frame. recall, my enterprise syndicated over 3 million bucks in profits in just ninety three days.15. Get in my view concerned with little danger. whilst you syndicate your commercial enterprise, you become a primary participant inside the marketplace without risking any of your very own capital. You, as the real estate syndicator, positioned the deal together and get hold of a large percentage of the income (among 20% and 50%) while not having to invest your very own money. This allows you to concentrate on a couple of offers at one time.16. Get started out without any preceding industry revel in. My consumer portfolio includes teenage university students, a retired track & area train, accountants, medical medical doctors, legal professionals, a expert opera singer, sales executives, marketing executives, engineers and ordinary difficult-operating mum and dad who came aboard with complete-time jobs. Do you think they had previous enjoy syndicating actual estate? No.17. there’s NO office politics. You do not need to worry about anyone else, but you!18. Have greater own family time. while you syndicate your business, you get more achieved in less time. And, you generate income faster. this indicates you’ve got more time and freedom to spend together with your circle of relatives, doing the things you truely love to do.19. in the end, build a business that is focused on helping people whilst you rapidly construct a 6-, 7- and eight-figure investment empire. we’ve confirmed that it is able to show up.So, don’t you believe you studied that it’s time to start a actual property making an investment syndication enterprise, and make money quickly at some point of this “ideal actual property storm” of opportunity?

The 3 “Rs” of real property making an investment

expert actual property buyers, Rick McKinnon and Leslie Quinsay, have a belongings portfolio that proves every person can still make a fortune by way of investing in real property. McKinnon’s and Quinsay’s new ebook, R3: real people with real techniques for real-property investing: growing the mind-set for fulfillment, explains their method in words that even a layman can recognize and suggests you how their proprietary techniques can work even in state-of-the-art volatile economic system.The 3 “Rs” of real property making an investment consist of actual people (with the proper attitudes), real strategies (for investing in this or any other real property market) and the fundamentals of smart making an investment (the way to make the real choices with a view to build your wealth). Rick’s and Leslie’s ebook is a fascinating examine – peppered with private tidbits and wonderful insights to be able to change your considering shopping actual estate to make sure your financial success.Rick and Leslie are pals, business companions and co-authors who encourage each other to be triumphant. together, they have written R3: real people with real strategies for actual-property investing as a way to assist others achieve what they realize is viable from their personal successes. Rick is president of actual property funding solutions, a consulting company that makes a speciality of helping others pick out real-estate funding opportunities. Leslie is president of Meridian commercial Investments Inc. and her know-how is the purchase, management and development of actual property and turning them into exquisite investments.collectively, McKinnon and Quinsay have written a unique and informative “how-to” ebook which can teach all and sundry the strategies for developing a winning attitude vital for a success actual property making an investment. not like maximum how-to books, R3: real people with actual strategies for real-estate making an investment does not examine like a textual content book. instead, it’s a book that now not handiest specializes in the successes available – but also errors which could manifest and the way you could examine from them.when it comes to any type of making an investment, the extra know-how you’ve got get admission to to – the higher threat you may have for success. In Quinsay’s and McKinnon’s e-book you’ll learn the blessings of “assets ardour,” building a mind-set in order to carry you success, how to build your portfolio and where the great funding bargains may be located.Rick and Leslie also encompass chapters in R3: real human beings with actual techniques for real-property making an investment about a way to examine belongings and what to search for in financing and joint ventures. property and tenant management are critical aspects of real estate investing and McKinnon and Quinsay provide you with a clear reduce plan for achievement in those will additionally discover ways to construct a team of success-orientated people that will help you attain your desires of financial triumphs. And R3: real people with actual techniques for actual-property making an investment: developing the mind-set for success does not leave you there. Rick McKinnon and Leslie Quinsay offer clean cut directives of their book so as to positioned you at the direction of growing wealth beyond your desires.